Periodontology is a science. Periodontology deals with the diseases of the tissues surrounding the tooth, the gums and the bone surrounding the tooth roots, and also deals with the treatment methods that can be applied to them.

Since the tissues surrounding our teeth are generally composed of both hard and soft structures, it is possible to encounter different situations. The harmony of these tissues is extremely important for the protection of oral and dental health. For this reason, it is quite natural to hear the concept of periodontology in terms of oral and dental health.

It is possible that a problem in our teeth or inflammation in our gums can take an advanced stage and cause tooth loss and general health problems. It is necessary to make accurate and timely determinations in order to prevent negative effects. The implementation of treatment which followed by a comprehensive assessment of the results needs to be contained. In short, the primary aim of periodontology is to prevent gum diseases with correct and timely intervention.

Periodontal Disease

Gingivtis is a concept used when inflammation is only present in soft tissues. However, if this inflammation progresses and spreads to the tissue of the underlying bone, it causes a great destruction of the bone. Adequate oral and dental care is required.

Because the formation of bacteria in this disease can bring great problems. Bacteria can be found in large amounts in people who do not have good oral care, and it is inevitable to encounter gum problems after this situation.

How is Periodontology Treatment Performed ?

The introduction of the East diagnosis is quite crucial for the successful progress of the treatment process of periodontics. This is an important detail in the treatment of gum diseases. With this aim, the preliminary information obtained from the patient, clinical examination and radiographic evaluations are made and the details in this direction are emphasized. These evaluations will provide a great advantage in the treatment process.

Before the periodontology treatment, it is necessary to inform the patient about the disease and oral care and to give suggestions for the progress to progress correctly.

A patient who has knowledge about gingival diseases and it has a good grasp of the details of the progression of the disease that will be able to act more consciously in the stages that include the applications of periodontology. In this way, it will be more likely to get effective results at the end of the applications. Within the scope of the treatment process of the disease, it is very important that the doctor and the patient have an effective communication. If the situation is explained to the patient in detail and it is also  informed, the patient will pay more attention to oral and dental care. After the maintenance, the problems can be solved in a shorter time. After a meticulous and careful application, periodontology treatment will end successfully.

All tartar which is  surrounding the teeth  that  is cleaned with special tools and devices which or who  designed for this purpose. Polishing is applied to the tooth surfaces. Local anesthesia is used in some cases for the degree of inflammation.

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