Aesthetic Dental Filling

Aesthetic dental filling procedures, which are performed with an aesthetic target on the teeth, are applied in order to obtain a brighter and more aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Aesthetic dental filling procedures, which are frequently applied especially in the anterior teeth, can also be applied in the posterior teeth today. In short, filling applications in all teeth are done comfortably and easily. Composite fillings that are the same as the existing color of the teeth are applied. Amalgam fillings, which have been used so far for the treatment of dental caries, were the procedure that prevented obtaining a desired result. Due to this procedure, which does not meet expectations, porcelain fillings and composite fillings are preferred by physicians and patients today .

Composite Filling

These fillings are very durable. Therefore, this procedure is easily used in the anterior and posterior teeth. It is aimed to reduce the loss of material by cleaning the cavities. When beam filling is made, beveling is used to increase the bonded surface. After the tooth is prepared for processing, bonding is preferred to ensure the bond between the tooth and the composite filling. It is irradiated. In this way, hardening is achieved. Composite filling is placed in thin layers. The cavities in this tooth are continued until the end. After the height control is done, a polishing is done on it. This process, which is within the scope of aesthetic dental filling, can be used for a long time .

Porcelain Filling

Porcelain fillings are fillings that contribute to improving the deficiencies or incomplete conditions of other aesthetic dental filling processes. Although not too much, a shrinkage may be present during curing in beamed fillings. In order to eliminate this problem, which is valid for porcelain fillings, a mouth measurement is taken. Since the filling of the tooth has been prepared in a special way, there will be no such thing as a failure to measure in porcelain fillings .

Aesthetic tooth filling processes leave behind the previously applied procedures that make it difficult to have the desired appearance and it effect at a sufficient level. Aesthetic dental filling procedures, which allow the teeth to appear in a healthier and more aesthetic way,  make it easier for you to use them for a longer period of time, especially if they are meticulously applied by successful physicians. Aesthetic dental filling completes the missing appearances .

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